New Agreements

The Office of Internationalization is responsible for overseeing the establishment of written agreements with overseas institutions for educational exchange activities & collaborations. Next to UTEC Legal Area, we will help faculty, staff, and prospective partners in developing and signing formal international agreements with UTEC.

UTEC signs several types of agreements, which are normally in effect for 3-5 years, some of them include:

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

Confirms mutual commitment and interest; not legally binding:.

  • An umbrella document that is broad in scope and identifies a range of possible collaborative activities between UTEC and the potential partner.
  • May be university-wide or specific to an Academic Department, or other university unit. When a university-wide MOU already exists, Academic Department-specific MOUs are generally not signed since the activity is likely covered under the institutional agreement.
  • Typically, not a legally binding document: signing an MOU does not commit either party to activities, but instead contemplates future collaboration. Operational details of specific projects and collaborations can be addressed in a legally-binding Agreement.

Specific Agreement

Outline specific responsibilities and processes; is legally binding:

  • More detailed than an MOU, and outlines the legal and financial responsibilities of each party.
  • Legally binding so both parties must abide by its terms and conditions.
  • Usually outlines the specific activities to be undertaken, roles and responsibilities of each party, period of activity, fees and financial matters, and legal commitments regarding intellectual property, confidentiality, liability, etc.