Interdisciplinary Program for Social Immersion (IPSI)

The Interdisciplinary Program of Social Immersion (IPSI) offers students an opportunity to think outside the box and reflect on real societal problems. During this program UTEC students will learn integrated STEM initiatives to prepare quality teachers in a rural school.

The program will begin in Lima, where students will be given lectures about the principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) to develop a process and course materials that introduce K-12 students in rural Peru to integrated STEM initiatives. These initial activities will be followed by a four-day field trip to Huaraz where students will implement and pilot the course within a rural school.

This program will cover 4 main themes: (1) engineering design content, (2) Integrated STEM and ill structured challenges, (3) curriculum development, and (4) implementation in K-12 schools.

The program at a glance

Program Schedule


Application Process


Program Schedule

Important Dates

Monday June 3, 2019 – Start of the Program

Thursday June 6, 2019 – Trip to Huaraz

Thursday June 13, 2019 – End of the Program

Workshops at UTEC will be conducted from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.


-Be a current student at UTEC (Registered in 2019-01)

-Students from all academic departments are invited to participate

-100 approved credits at UTEC by 2019-00

-11 GPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average) or better

-Proficiency in English – Intermediate level (Certifications are not required for now but your English level will be tested in a personal interview).

-We are looking for very 6 motivated students with strong social skills and the ability to work in a multicultural environment.

-If you’re currently on a Leave of Absence, you are not eligible to participate in this program. All the students must be in good academic standing at time of participation in this program.

Application Process

Application deadline: May 1 , 2019

UTEC students will apply by completing this form. The Internationalization Office will receive applications only until May 1, 2019.

In this application form, you will be asked to upload the following documents/information:

-Personal statement (essay) - Explain in one page why would you like to apply for this project (use single-spaced and Times New Roman 12, written in English)

-Resume in English (1 page)

-Unofficial transcript (you can download it from EDU System)

-English Proficiency Certification (TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge tests) (not mandatory)


The Selection Committee bases the evaluation on the following criteria and aspects:

-Motivations for participating in the activities

-Fluency in English

-The level of communication and soft skills

For additional information on the program, please send an email to the Internationalization Office, or stop by for Office Hours: Monday to Friday, 8:00 - 5:00 PM.