Peru: all the senses

Peru offers wide variety of experiences: from its glorious history, mind-blowing archaeological sites and Inca ruins to amazing beaches and trekking through the rainforest. This diversity makes Peru one of the best places for students to study abroad, being a fascinating and exciting place filled with music, dance, cuisine and outdoor activities.

Ten thousand years of history are present in Peru: it is one of the main original centers of ancient culture. The Pre-Incan civilizations and the Incan Empire have left marks that are still visible today in over 5,000 archaeological sites. And this number continues to rise as new discoveries are made.

Likewise, Peru is one of the twelve mega diverse countries in the world because it has an enormous variety of ecosystems. It has six terrestrial types of biomass, two marine types and three freshwater types. Its geography also contains 28 of the 32 types of climate in the world. This is why everyone who comes to Peru ends up taking some part of it away with them in their heart. Discover more about Peru.