Internationalization Office

Internationalization Office

Global Opportunities: a Gateway to expand knowledge for global impact

The Internationalization Office is responsible for advancing UTEC international strategy, deepening international partnership, fostering students mobility, managing international student’s admission and addressing academic and administrative initiatives that strengthen UTEC’s global engagement. 

Internationalization at UTEC

Our Internationalization strategy is based on a commitment, confirmed through action, based on the vision and mission of UTEC to install global and comparative perspectives through teaching, research and industry relation aimed at generating a global impact. It is integrated, transversal and decentralized since the operation resides in the faculties, departments and specific offices, closer to the centers of experience.

UTEC Internationalization strategy is delivered in 4 main activities:

  • Internationalization at home (IaH)
  • Mobility (Study abroad)
  • Cooperation & partnership
  • Projects & Ventures (Research / Industry)

Our Mantra

"UTEC International curriculum prepares students for being main actors of an inclusive and sustainable world and to thrive, locally and globally, in a diverse and rapidly changing labor market".

The Team

Patricia Orbegoso
Head of Internationalization
Gabriela Bellido
Global Education and Dual Degree Analyst