Bioengineering Research Center



Bioengineering is the engineering of biological systems. For this, Biology stops being only descriptive and experimental to become a set of standardized tools for the solution of challenges in the different areas of engineering. Thanks to our institutional alliance with Cleveland Clinic (USA) we have generated research projects that are financed by institutions such as Cienciactiva, the National Institute of Child Health and the Medical College of Peru.

Our research focuses on three key areas:

  • Tissue Engineering: Development of nanoparticles chemically linked to peptides, produced by stem cells to improve the regeneration of damaged tissues.
  • Microfabrication of Microfluidic Devices:Projects related to in situ detection of infectious diseases such as malaria, methods for rapid detection of drug-resistant bacteria and devices to detect circulating tumor cells.
  • Synthetic Biology:Development of a robotic fish that detects signals of microorganisms in real-time, through a bacteria capable of detecting the presence of arsenic in water.

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