Harvard - UTEC Faculty Grant Program

Harvard-UTEC Faculty Grant Program - 2020


The Harvard-UTEC Faculty Grants 2020 is a two-phase program designed to foster collaboration between UTEC and Harvard researchers.

Phase - I Internal UTEC Only:

This stage is intended to maximize opportunities for UTEC faculty with outstanding ideas to meet and develop relationships with Harvard researchers with similar and complimentary interests.  Successful proposers will be given a travel grant to visit Boston during the March-April time period to meet and build relationships with Harvard faculty and/or to further develop collaborative proposal ideas for the Phase-2 proposal call. Preference will be given to junior researchers with good ideas who have not already been granted such an award and/or who have not already had other opportunities to visit and interact with faculty in the Boston area for research purposes.

Phase-2 Harvard-UTEC Proposal Call:  

This main stage is designed as an opportunity to fund original research between Harvard and UTEC faculty.  UTEC faculty need not have applied to Phase-1 proposal calls to be eligible.

For more information see the application guideline here






Phase - 1: Selected UTEC faculty will be funded to travel to Boston, MA, USA, to meet with Harvard and/or MIT potential partners during the March-April time period. Whilst the primary intent is to meet with Harvard faculty as per the Phase-2 call, UTEC researchers are encouraged to maximize opportunities by seeking additional opportunities, whilst in the Boston area, including but not limited to meeting with faculty at MIT and/or other universities in the area as well as taking the opportunity to learn about the local ecosystem.

Phase - 2: Two to three grants of $45,000 in direct cost will be awarded to successful teams, with $30,000 allocated to Harvard faculty and $15, 000 to UTEC faculty. Mature projects can request additional $45,000 (direct cost + benefits) support to hire research assistant(s) with at least an earned BSc or a postdoc resident in Peru.


Phase - 1: Any full-time UTEC faculty member.

Phase - 2: Harvard faculty with PI rights (ladder faculty, professor of the practice or senior lecturer) employed full-time by Harvard University, partnered with a full-time faculty member from UTEC.




Phase - I
Description Date
Call for proposals January 6, 2020
Proposal submission deadline January 31, 2020
Publication of results February 07, 2020
Allocation of funds to successful proposals February 14, 2020
Trip to Boston, MA, USA March 2, 2020



For each proposal idea (assuming more than one), the following elements need to be included

1. Proposal: Use of the following subtitles is optional. You can write the proposal as one continuous text.

1.1. Background: Describe a summary of past work done on the proposed topic and any evidence gaps that your research will help fill. You can also include data that describes the scope of the challenge or issue.

1.2. Project objectives: Provide a clear statement of the research project objectives and/or the scientific questions the project will address.

1.3. Innovation and scientific merit: Clearly explain how the proposed research plan may represent an innovative or novel approach to the addressed challenge or issue, why they are appropriate to accomplish the objectives and specific aims of the project, and how scientific knowledge and technical capability will be advanced in this topic.

2. Collaboration description and plan for trip: Indicate the names of potential partners at Harvard University. Anticipate the nature of the collaboration, how you expect each researcher to contribute to the research plan and how the proposed work would be complementary.
Whilst the primary objective is to meet with Harvard faculty, candidates are also encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity to also try to meet with faculty at MIT and/or other universities in the area. Candidates are also encouraged to seek out additional opportunities to learn about the area and ecosystem, including teaching culture at Harvard and other universities nearby. Include any additional activities of interest to applicant for this trip. Expected costs for any additional activities beyond flights housing and subsistence should be noted here, estimated to the best of your ability.

3. References: List all work cited in the proposal, if relevant.

4. Key personnel CV: Please attach the CV (no more than 5 pages long) for each UTEC faculty member in your proposal. We suggest including a section in the CV that describes what you consider the 2-3 most important outcomes of your previous research outside of publications, if applicable. This proposal and corresponding CVs must be submitted as a single pdf file.

For questions regarding the application process, eligibility criteria, specifics on UTEC faculty research topics, or connecting with UTEC faculty, please contact UTEC International Office